Summer is a great time to catch up or get ahead at your own pace without having to sit in a classroom. With public or private online courses, you do your academic work online from wherever you happen to be, and teachers are available when it is convenient for you.

You don’t even need to disenroll from your regular school because you are just signing up to take courses for the summer from one of our partners. When you pass a course over the summer, we send a document to your regular school and they add that course to your transcript, and it counts the same as if you had taken it there.

Many high school students take their required Health course with us over the summer so they can free up space in their schedule during the school year for arts, world languages, or other college prep electives. Others take a math course like Algebra over the summer so they can

take a more advanced math course during the traditional school year. Still others may have had a tough time during the pandemic and need to retake a course that they may have failed or not completed. Whatever your reason, we have your summer school solution to support your success.

Before enrolling, there are some things you will want to think through:

How many credits is each course worth and how long do they take?

Because different school systems have different systems of providing credit, in some places one semester course is worth five credits and in other places it is worth 0.5 credits. In any case, you will get full credit for the work you do. Most courses require you to do the same amount of work as you would have done during a regular semester-long course. That means you need to plan to be working on each course for about 60 hours. If you are really efficient with your time, you can plan on completing a course over a two-week period. If you have a summer job or other commitments, you may need more time. Most students take one or two courses during the summer.

Which courses should I take?

Start by talking with your regular school counselor to understand which courses you need. You also are welcome to call, text or email us for help deciding.

Do I have access to the technology I need?

All courses require you to have access to a laptop or computer and a connection to the internet.

When shall I start?

Basically, you can plan to take courses at any time between June 1 and August 31. Your choice. One enrollment process is all you need.

If you live in Southern California, the Central Valley, or the Sacramento Areas of California, the government pays for you to take the summer courses for free in July and August (lucky you!). In many of these areas, you also can have access to in person courses completed in hardcopy (old fashioned books, pens, and paper) if you’d like. Just let us know during enrollment and we’d be happy to help you enroll in a free summer school.

That’s it! Ready to enroll?

Remember: TRANSCRIPTS - 1 copy will be mailed home and another to the school you provided upon enrolling.

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