What is NCAA?

  • NCAA Is for students who play sports with plans to attend college to play sports.

What does A and B mean in the courses?

  • We use A for semester 1 and B for semester 2.

Are the courses via Zoom calls or video conferences?

  • Our summer program is fully online with interactive online curriculum. It is a “work at your own pace model” but with extended teacher and tutor hours of support to help our students succeed during the summer program.

Can I be enrolled in 2 different public schools during summer?

  • No you can not, due to being dual enrolled in 2 public school options.

How long does it take to complete a course?

  • On average it takes a student 40 hours to complete a 1 semester course during the summer.

How do I get my transcripts?

  • Once your final day of summer school comes, the teacher will be closing out your classes and admissions will process your transcripts. 1 copy will be sent to your home and 1 copy will be sent to your school.

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Remember: TRANSCRIPTS - 1 copy will be mailed home and another to the school you provided upon enrolling.

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